The Cubuy River has many swimming spots
'Rio Blanco' below Casa Flamboyant

If you are in Puerto Rico in the summer, when the sun on the beach is a killer, head up to the many rivers and pools in El Yunque. Clean and cool. At the elevations above housing the waters are safe to swim in, once the waters leave the mountains they quickly become contaminated.

• Warning, there are flash floods so any change in weather or water, get out quickly.

Swimming is great, once you get past the initial chill!

Charco frio on the Fajardo River
Above: 'Charco Frio' is a favorite swimming hole on the Fajardo River. Summer weekends are crowded! Road # 976 where it crosses the Fajardo River.

Picnic day at Juan Diego Falls
Spending a hot day by the cool waters of 'Juan Diego' falls, Road #191 El Yunque North side.

Waterfalls and pools west side of mountain
River by the road # 186 above El Verde, Rio Grande.

A bridge on the trail to Angelito

ANGELITO TRAIL leads to a river pool that is deep and large enough to get a good swim. Turn left just after the El Portal Visitors Center, about 10 minutes. Or, if you are staying at Sues' Vacation Rental it is just up the road!

EL Yunque Lodging

Rio Espiritu Santo in El Verde
'Espiritu Santo' River at the end of the private trail from the Rainforest Inn.

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