Taino Indian petroglyphs tour on the Rio Blanco above Naguabo with Robin Phillips
Big Boulders on the Rio Blanco with guide Robin Phillips

South Side of El Yunque, above Naguabo: Robin Phillips, naturalist guide, on a rock in the El Yunque rainforest. Robin is taking us to see the Petroglyphs on the Rio Blanco.

Robin is a fascinating guide who has been doing this for many years, before it ever became popular! Robin has a popular all day hike through the rainforest above this as well. He ONLY gives tours on the south side of the El Yunque rainforest, and you must provide your own transportation.

Mt. Britton Trail. Trails Map El Yunque Rainforest
Two Taino Petroglyphs on the Rio Blanco river in Puerto Rico
These particular petroglyphs MAY represent a shaman taking a peyote trip!
Below are two more of the Taino petroglyphs in Puerto Rico. This area has over 7 sites with petroglyph carvings in the big boulders, most by the rivers but some are not. Do NOT attempt to walk on the boulders by yourself without a guide to help you.

Two Petroglyphs below: Left what is either a lizard or a frog and right a turtle.

taino petroglyph puerto rico taino petroglyph turtle

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