ISLAND WALKERS. ADVENTURES WITH John & Richard Druitt is a small outfit with one of two brothers as the guide. Their history is quite interesting and your tour will give you the benefit of his knowledge about the El Yunque rainforest and other ecologies of our planet earth.


Rubio or John Druitt rainforest guide tour
'Rubio' (right) leading tv show host 'Ozzie' ( The Virgin Traveler) in El Yunque

While being part of an ethnobotanical expedition to the Amazon back in the late 70's, 'Rubio' was struck by the beauty and all the life forms the forest contains, but also by the massive deforestation he saw as he traveled up the river. Inspired to establish a reforestation project he arrived in Puerto Rico in 1982 with this in mind. His group planted over 46,000 mahogany trees as part of a private ecological demonstration project in a method called line planting, He became increasingly interested in global ecological issues and this led him to become involved in the self sustaining "Biosphere 2" project in Arizona, where a group was sealed inside, during the second crew in 1994.

These experiences have given him a unique perspective to look at the ecology of the tropical rainforest as well as the wider global ecological situation and our own part in its' developing drama. He has lived in Puerto Rico for over 25 years years and is knowledgeable about Puerto Rico's history and present.

His tours encompass, not only historical and geological aspects of the El Yunque rainforest and Puerto Rico itself, but specialize in explaining how tropical rainforests function, why they are so fragile, as well as why they are so important to us.

His tour may go into the upper portions of the forest which is not only less traveled but also far quieter, and where we are more able to attune ourselves to the natural sounds, and feelings of the forest.

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When you book with Rubio, he designs each tour especially for you. The 'La Roca and El Yunque Peak' tour is for the more adventurous person, used to hiking. His knowledge is extensive and covers many aspects of ecology in general, as well as this forest.

John Druitt ( Rubio) has been a tour guide in Puerto Rico for the last 15 years and has held his tourism tour guide license for the last 8 years.

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I just wanted to Thank YOU!

The tour you took us on was AWESOME! Besides the great walking tour that included trails that most others hikers don’t know about or use, picking us at our hotel and giving us the scenic drive to the rain forest – explaining everything on the way – was an added bonus! There was tons we would have never have learned about not only about the rainforest but about Puerto Rico in general. The view points that we got to enjoy were breath taking – again it was wonderful to have you there to tell us about all the things that we were looking at and seeing! The whole experience was very educational and entertaining – we highly recommend it to everyone headed that way! Thank you again for the very memorable experience!

Kally & Rob, Washington State, December 2010

Thank you John. . . .

The tour exceeded my expectations as well as everyone in our group of six. When I look at the amazing photos I captured on the hike, I think my blood pressure lowers from the recollection of the amazing beauty. I want to thank John for accommodating our diverse needs--me and Larry with our adventure-seeking addiction as well as the seniors in our group that preferred the comfort of the milder tour. In addition, John accommodated our tight time frame imposed by our cruise schedule (thank goodness we chose to avoid the cruise line's over-priced, scripted, souvenir-hawking excursion!). John's knowledge of El Yunque was expected; unexpected was his passion. Even more, we were amazed by his knowledge of Puerto Rican culture, history, business and political climate and his wit and humor were, simply put, over the top!

Stephanie B., New York, January 2008



Now that I am back to the real world and slowly coming out of my post-vacation depression I wanted to take a moment to thank you on behalf of Nikki and myself for the breathtaking tour experience in El Yunque.

Like the beauty in the forest, it is hard for us to put into words what a remarkable time that was for both of us. We did not want to simply walk up the paved trail to the look out tower, we wanted to avoid the noisy tourists and learn about the plant and animal life, the history of the area, the ecosystem itself and how it works. We had high expectations and the almost 5 hrs. spent in the forest far exceeded them! Your tour was exactly what we were looking for and more! Your knowledge, easy going personality and willingness to answer our questions simply added to the experience.

We spent the rest of Friday in a hammock raving about the morning excursion and have not stopped talking about it since! I have already forwarded a previous email you sent me with your tour and contact information to a friend who is considering a trip to PR this summer and assured her it would be the highlight of the trip for her and her family. . . . you have two very thankful customers in Atlanta. So from Nikki and me, thank you again!

Cheers! Joe & Nikki