Vieques Travel Island, Puerto Rico USA • Caribbean Island

eastern puerto rico and vieques satellite photo
bouganvilla in Isabel Segunda Navio Beach on the south coast of Vieques

Vieques is the long island at the bottom right • Navio Beach is pretty spectacular

Vieques Island lies seven miles east of Puerto Rico and can be easily reached by ferry or small plane. The population is apprx. 10,000 and is centered in the middle of the island. The eastern 12 miles is a US Fish and Wildlife refuge, the western part is a nature reserve too. US Fish & Wildlife administer about 60 % of the island of Vieques.

Sailing and snorkeling in Vieques


Getting to Vieques FERRY SCHEDULE BELOW.


The herd of horses at Sombe Beach in Vieques

Sombe ( Sun Bay) Balneario has its own herd of horses.


Vieques is best known for having the brightest biobay in the world. Vieques has no transportation back to mainland Puerto Rico after 6 PM so in order to see the biobay one must either stay the night or do a private charter.

Tourism, government jobs and food stamps are important sources of income for Vieques. Fishing is the traditional main source for many local families. Tourism has risen sharply since the Navy pulled out in 2003. Vieques is one of the more ideal ecotourist destinations in the Caribbean for two reasons:

Attractions center around the Vieques beaches and the worlds most brilliant bioluminescent bay. Kayak the biobay in Vieques.


Fajardo to Vieques

Passenger Ferries
(7 Days a week)
9:30 AM
1:00 PM
4:30 PM
8:00 PM

Vieques to Fajardo

Passenger Ferries
(7 Days a week)
6:30 AM
11:00 AM
3:00 PM
6:00 PM

... or Fly from the Ceiba airport. OW fare $26. Trip to Vieques takes 8, very scenic, minutes.

Pre arrange to be met by a private Taxi at the San Juan Airport and be driven to the Fajardo Ferry terminal or the Ceiba airport.

• Mary and Jesus are a lovely couple who do this regularly. They are very reliable. She doesn't speak much English but her husband does (he drives the taxi) Tel. 787-863-8224 and ask for him. Her cell is 787-649-9155 if you need it, but be patient with her English. They charge $75. for the ride from San Juan to Fajardo. $10. extra after 6 PM. ($15. per person for more than 4 people).

* The above drivers are 'tentatively' on this page because I am concerned about people making reservations and not bothering to cancel, if they can't make it. Please be respectful of the fact that they both need to drive for more than an hour from Fajardo to pick you up, please make sure you cancel with adequate notification

.. . . Rent a car at the San Juan Airport and leave it in Fajardo. Several Car Rentals allow this and they will drive you to the ferry terminal/airport or pick you up there. If you keep the car for 3 days or more some car rentals allow free drop off in Fajardo (or vice-versa).. Avis is most convenient for the Ceiba airport, Enterprise, Hertz and Leaseway for the ferry. ** If you plan to go from the airport to the ferry terminal in Fajardo on the same day, take a taxi! (pre arranged - see above).

Island Jeep Rental is a new rental company with reservations counter at the Blue Horizon Hotel. Their low season rates, effective until before Thanksgiving week, are $65 for a two door Wrangler, $75 for a 4 door Wrangler, $80 for a Rubicon luxury Wrangler and $85 for a minivan. High season prices are $75, $80, $85 and $100 respectively. An additional $20 will get you a drop off-pickup service at the airport if needed. Meanwhile Coqui Car Rental, located next to the Vieques ferry harbor, changed ownership. Their new services include food baskets and beach gear (also offered by Island Jeep Rental) and a more varied vehicle fleet. Check them out at their web pages. Coqui Car Rental and Island Jeep Rental For reservations call 787 741-3318 or 3696.

Stuck in San Juan overnight?

The hotel at the international airport may be a very convenient place to stay the night; if you're stuck. 'Best Western Airport Hotel' local tel. 787.791.1700. . . . Traveling with a pet? Try 'Green Isle Inn' close to the airport. Tel. 787.726.4330 ($79. to $99.) .

Local Island Airlines to Vieques:

• Vieques Air Link tel. 1-888-901-9247 or in Vieques: 787-741-8331. VAL has the most flights and offers the most service. Ceiba Airport Tel. 787- 534-4221.
• Seaborne Airlines
1-877-772-1005 or 787-292-6656. www.seaborneairlines.com
• Isla Nena
Airlines Tel. 1-877-812-5144, 787- 791-0413, 787-741-6362. On demand flights.
• Air Sunshine Airlines, Tel. 800-327-8900, 787-741-7900, also fly to St.Thomas, St.Croix, Tortola etc. You can now fly from Vieques directly to St. Croix.
• Air Flamenco
787- 741-8811, 787-724- 1818 On demand flights.
• Cape Air
is connected to the airlines computer booking service so that you can ticket and reserve from anywhere in the world and check your bags through to Vieques once the commence to operate. 800-352-0714. 787-741-7734.
• Air America 787-276-569 on demand.

Fly from the nearby Isla Grande Airport in San Juan to Vieques ( about half the price) : • Vieques Air Link

Kayaking in the Vieques Mangrove Tunnels

Vieques Beaches

• Archeological Sites ... VISIT THE the VCHT or Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust in Esperanza. Help them help the youth of Vieques through educational programs. They also have a small shop and mini museum. T. 787-741-8850 VCHT Website

" The Vieques Conservation & Historical Trust is a non-profit organization founded in 1984 and supported by members of the community and interested donors from around the world. It operates thanks to the efforts of dedicated volunteers and is strictly non-political in nature. The organization is concerned with the protection of the unique archeological, physical and ecological environment existing on Vieques."


Beaches map and photos

Puerto Rico Government websites. Opens in new window.

• Fort and Museum 'Conde de Mirasol' T. 1717 Open Wednesday through Saturday. 10 AM to 4 PM.

• Groceries: There are two main grocery stores on Vieques ( both owned by Morales brothers) and a collection of 'Colmados'. You can purchase anything here on Vieques, on occasion, but not everything all the time. Grocery store hours are 7 AM to 6 - 7 PM, half day on Sundays. Colmados stay open a little later. There is also a, very enterprising, fruit stand on the side of the road.

• Health Food Store is located in Isabel Segunda behind the post office on side street.

Paso Finos Shows are a big event in Vieques. . Weekends in Esperanza the streets are over run with everyone showing off on their horses.

Humane Society Animal adoption and Veterinary Clinic T. 787-741-0209

'Volunteer Vacation'
with the Vieques Humane Society. You will be provided with shared living quarters bath & kitchen (and limited transportation) in exchange for volunteering to work with the animals and/or clinic 28 hours a week. All kinds of help needed and wanted.

.. contact person Barbara Rumore .. phone number 787.741.4773

Isabel Segunda- The main town on Vieques: two banks, and one ATM at Banco Popular. The Post Office, drug stores, 5 restaurants, a few places to stay and some shops. Please note that Vieques is part of the US and uses the American dollar.

The best vacation you can have in Vieques is with a jeep rental (if you are staying more than one night). So choose your rental vehicle first .. and then your lodging! (You will need to reserve the jeep rental way in advance). Most of the exquisitely beautiful beaches in Vieques are at the end of long dirt roads on Nature Reserves and can only be visited with your own rental jeep. A few can be reached by public taxi, such as Sun Bay and Red Beach. There are never enough jeeps to go around, reserve well ahead! ( You can NOT bring a rental car on the ferry from the mainland.)


300 year Ceiba tree with horses
Horses in Vieques run Free. Taking a rest under the 300 year old Ceiba Tree.

Beautiful Blue Beach and Isla de la Chiva on vieuques island
Blue Beach looking out at Isla de La Chiva and Bahia de la Chiva