Above: The beach at Maunabo's 'Playa Faro' ( looking west). You can see the beginnings of the beautiful marshes on the right. Maunabo Marshes.

Starting in Fajardo and driving south on the Expressway to its' end and the traffic light. Take a right, one block then a left on the very scenic road # until the tunnels or stay on road # to the tunnel exit.. Take a left on road #901 which leads you to the Punta Tuna lighthouse. If the gates are open walk to the lighthouse and views, if the gates are closed take the little path by the fence on the left down to the beach.. View the lighthouse from the beach, explore the beach but NO NO swimming. The currents are of the most dangerous in PR in these waters as the water whirls around the south east tip of PR.

Two beaches: to the left of the lighthouse gate and then back towards the main road a small drive to the left to the restaurant and Faro Beach and the marshes.

Below: Looking from the 'Los Bohios' Restaurant to the beach ( open weekends only)

More photos of the Punta Tuna Lighthouse.

Los Bohios weekend restaurant on Maunabo Playa

On the porch of the Los Bohios restaurant.

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