Water Taxi to Cayo Icacos Drop off and Pick up.

THE 'CORDILLERA NATURE RESERVE' is a string of little offshore islands and is administered by the Dept. of Natural Resources of Puerto Rico. There are no facilities on the island, nothing to buy, just heavenly blue water and white sand. The boat trip there takes about 15-20 minutes. The captain will drop you off and then return to pick you up at the time you decide upon. You can per-arrange a pick up time or call him on his cell if you need to change the time.

Catptain Mingo and his boat  anchored off Icacos

Round trip fare for drop off and pick up later is $60. per person. . for reservations call Captain Mingo. This is not a snorkeling tour! If you have gear and want to do some light snorkeling there are a few spots just off the beach.

You will need to bring lots of sunblock, better yet, use rash guards. You will also need water and sandwiches etc.

Captain Mingo tel. 787.383.6509

Water Taxi from Fajardo to Icacos
Captain Mingo, above, and his water taxi. He is a very experienced captain with a lifetimes experience in these waters and holds a 500 ton license ( licensed to drive a ferry boat). No other captain operating out of Las Croabas has his equal in local experience.!
Cayo Icacos Island
Above: The water really is this clear! Below: You can explore the island, walking around to the back you can find amazing views.
The backside of Icacos Island
Above: Walking and wading around to the backside of Icacos to explore a different world! Icacos is to difficult to walk around completeley but you can explore from either end of the beach side. Beach exploring is great for anyone who doesn't want to spend much time in the water. You will need water shoes and a hat! Plus sunblock.

We Sincerely request that you do not bring plastic bags, cups etc. to this beach, or any beach! If you have no other option, please check that you have taken them all back with you (plus a few) to be disposed of properly. The animals in the sea are dying from eating all the plastic humans dump in the ocean! Thank you. Be kind to the sea!

Please note: Las Croabas, Fajardo is also where the biobay kayak tours leave at night. Los Bohios Restaurant is very good as is Calizo's Restaurant nearby.

Snorkeling: You can snorkel/explore around the edges of Icacos if you bring your own gear and capability.

Icacos Island water taxi pickup spot
Waiting to be picked up at the end of the day from Icacos by a water taxi. In the background is Fajardo, mainland Puerto Rico.


Please take Sun block, water and snacks. a towel and dry shirt. Wear a rash guard of long sleeve (white or light blue) shirt then you really won't get as sunburned. Icacos is a deserted small island and there are NO facilities. No vendors, etc. You must bring everything and remove all your trash. You MUST bring water to drink.

Weekends can be very crowded, but still enjoyable
Above: Sitting on 'Beachrock'. A rock that forms near mid-tide level beneath the sand on tropical beaches. It is a very distinctive rock that forms rapidly. Tidal fluctuation constantly forces calcium carbonate-rich waters through the sands where evaporation and off-gassing of carbon dioxide probably help stimulate precipitation of calcium carbonate. Within a few years, crystals of aragonite, a common marine form of calcium carbonate, precipitate between the grains, welding them together to form a very hard limestone. When sea level rises, as it has done during the past 18,000 years, any beachrock that formed several thousand years ago becomes submerged. . . . quote from geologist Eugene A. Shinn

The windward side of Icacos island
One of the windswept backside of Icacos beaches.